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So, I was thrilled when RIM released the free BB Maps application since I recently ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question BlackBerry Maps - buggy or just me?


    So, I was thrilled when RIM released the free BB Maps application since I recently purchased an inexpensive BT GPS unit to use with my laptop, and BB Maps works with it. However, it has several glitches that make it of limited usefulness, and I wonder if anyone else is running into them as well.

    I should start by saying I'm running BB Maps on a 7100t with handheld software and a Cellink BTG-7000 BT GPS unit. I can get it to work with the GPS, but here is a list of the problems I've had with it.

    1. The screen often fails to update as I move. Sometimes the speed and direction arrow display correctly, but the map itself either freezes up, or turns white. Other times the speed and DA also don't change despite my movements. I can often force an update by jogging the wheel back and forth a few times. This seems to work best if I jog it in the direction I'm travelling. Other times I can force it to refresh the screen again by cycling through the map display modes.

    2. Sometimes when starting GPS with BB Maps I am asked to enter the BT GPS password, but it won't accept the code I put in. The only way to get it to work is to unpair the BT GPS and re-pair it from scratch. I can then start the GPS in BB Maps again.

    3. Map loads as I move into an area I've never been before can be extremely slow. I can sometimes get several miles into uncharted territory before I finally see the data transfer arrows at the top of the screen and then the crosshatched areas resolve.

    Also, not really a bug, but just a complaint... why won't BB Maps let you route from the current GPS position the way that MS Streets and Trips does on my laptop? You either have to enter an address or use one that has been previously saved. Also, why doesn't BB Maps follow your route progress? You get the list of waypoints when you calculate the route, but then you have to navigate them manually as you progress along the route.

    I guess in some ways BB Maps is like the proverbial singing dog... he sounds like crap, but it's amazing he can sing at all. I love that I can use my BB for GPS mapping, but I just wish it worked well enough that I could avoid buying a dedicated GPS unit. Oh, and voice directions would be nice too, although that would first require BB Maps to be able to give ANY kind of live route instructions.

    So am I the only one having these hassles with BBM?

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    Re: BlackBerry Maps - buggy or just me?

    I'd recommend reading the GPS-related threads here and on other BB sites. I've found BBmaps to be pretty worthless. Check out one of the other GPS apps. If you don't want to pay for Telenav (my preferred app) then try Mapquest Navigator.

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