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I´m using Netvibes for quite a while now and I was able to participate at ... General Blackberry forum

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    BlackBerry Information Portal


    I´m using Netvibes for quite a while now and I was able to participate at the Beta programm for their new release names Ginger.

    Ginger allows me to make parts of my own personal Netvibes portal available to the public and I thought that might be handy for you guys.


    Netvibes is also available on the BlackBerry Browser (works only after registration and login)

    Feedback is highly appretiated

    P.S. I just heared that sometimes the very first loading of the site does not show up the content. Make sure to reload it. Don´t know why that is...
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    Re: BlackBerry Information Portal

    wow, that is truly a plethora of information
    thanks for the link!

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    Re: BlackBerry Information Portal

    I want to build a page like you have for the BlackBerry Site Feeds. The first tab. I have net vibes but can't add any content except for content they have.

    Don't happen to know when it's coming out of beta do you?

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