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Hello all, I'm traveling to Turkey for a couple of weeks and am trying to ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question Blackberry GPRS/EDGE Settings in Turkey


    Hello all,

    I'm traveling to Turkey for a couple of weeks and am trying to figure out the GPRS settings for my unlocked curve...

    I understand that any service using BIS/BES won't work without a monthly plan, but on prepaid SIM I should be able to access Turkcell's EGDE/GPRS network and therefore access my gmail through Opera/BB Browser.

    I have tried the TCP/APN settings and the various combinations for Turkcell described by CSR's and by the document on PinStack but have had no luck accessing the internet. Maybe I should try a Vodafone Greece SIM card?

    However, on my unlocked iPhone (which I also brought with me) I am successfully acessing the web and my email with the new EDGE settings...

    Am I missing something in the TCP/APN settings, or is it not possible to access GPRS on a prepaid SIM with BB's?

    Any help would be great!

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    I've been traveling quite a bit with my unlocked BB and don't think I've ever been able to get data service on a prepaid SIM except in south Africa where you cold convert your voice minutes to a data bundle. I have the tmobile international data plan so I haven't really needed it, but whenever I've used a local prepaid SIM I've noticed that the gprs or edge is always lower case and I can't use the BB for data.I think this was the case for me in turkey and Greece. But then again, it works for your IPhone, so I may be wrong.

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    i had same problem when i was in ukraine, i could talk freely on my phone, but when it came to even using basic opera/ bb wap browser, nothing worked at all. I might be going there in a month or so, it woujld be nice to figure out if there is anyway to get it to work.
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