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    Blackberry Enterprise Personal Use?


    Hello everyone,
    I was spoiled by having BB Enterprise and never had to sync with my usb cable. I don't have this service anymore through the company I was working for.

    Has anyone subscribed/purchased hosted exchange and blackberry enterprise solely for their personal use? I was thinking of doing so.


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    I know a few people who has, i thought about. funny story though. A friend of mine has his family on his own BES, and for fun he disabled his wife's phone so she could only call him. it was so funny because she didn't know what happened, and he blamed it on the provider but he kept killing her phone and brining it back on.
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    I think you can get a license for a 5 user BES setup. I'm not sure what the cost is, but it will be available on RIM's site.

    Hey Jonny, how is the search going for "meatless stackers"? I still get a good laugh from that one.

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    good times.

    Now do you know how he set that up? his personal BES server for his family.

    Does he run it on his own hardware? Can you just buy bes software and install on own hardware and run your own BES solution? (sounds painful....expensive..... i saw 2999 for it, then plus additional 99 per license. that sounds miserable for just a personal "extra"

    So there are linux versions of MS exchange which you can set up on ur own hardware for free (painful......difficult). I am assuming that BES does not have similar.

    SO where are the hosted BES stuff? Don't you have to pay more via provider (im with VZW and there is a difference between personal and bussiness blackberry. so assuming bussiness allows BES and personal on BIS.)

    Any additional would be most gratefully accepted!

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