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Just wondering if there is any updated guide on purchasing a BB thru eBay? I'm ... General Blackberry forum

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    Blackberry E-Bay Guide?


    Just wondering if there is any updated guide on purchasing a BB thru eBay?

    I'm currently looking thru eBay for Jornada 720 (got one in sight ) and decided to browse around a bit. I've noticed a number of BB is on eBay for very very cheap. I'm extremely tempted to try and bid for a few of these curves and similiar BB to upgrade from my 8100 T-Mobile (I know to look for either T-Mobile or unlocked BB there).

    But for a number of them, the starting price seems quite a bit suspicious. So is there a good guide to help me (and other curious ppl) to avoid any scams, mistakes, and the like when bidding on eBay for a BB?

    P.S. I did a search on "ebay guide" and found a number of posts related to this but most of them was pretty old. I'm sure ebay practice have been improved on since then so the updated info would be good

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    I got my T-Mobile Curve 8320 from eBay. Total of $398! This was back in Feb. They start off cheap then when it gets close to the final day...yeah!
    T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 & I'm not coming back! :D


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    The main thing to look at is the "Feedback" score of the seller. If they have a high number and it is predominately positive then they are probably a good choice. (ie I won't buy from anyone with lower than 95% positive and I prefer even higher. If they have a lower number of sales, then I want 100% positive feedback. If there is any negative feedback, I go read the details and that helps me decide if it's someone I want to chance doing business with.)

    A low starting price for an item is not that important, IMHO, as it's usually started low to try to get people interested and bidding, with the hopes that it will wind up significantly higher in the end. Just make sure you really read the description so you don't wind up buying a non-working display model or something.

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    Your brave gritsinct, I will only buy from 100% percent postive feedback sellers! But Blackberry wise, I would try Craigslist. Bought a BNIB T-Mo Gold curve and transaction went very smooth. Or try the For Sale/Trade section on this site. There are always fellow stackers selling their phones. I bought a Curve from here as well and transaction was painless!
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    got both my AT&T 8310s off ebay. as everyone has stated, look for a seller, preferably an individual who has 100% feedback with at least 50 transactions. this will insure that he is reliable and also that he is serious about keeping his or her feedback rating. if you buy from a company, there is a good chance that the phones they sell are corporate phones with an IT policy attached to it-believe me, you dont want that. I got my titanium curve for $215 and my crimson curve for $240, the crimson was flawless in original box. shop it, you'll find a good one

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    Heavy Component and Gritsinct are both right, we start with low starting prices on Ebay because it attracts buyers. With a good quality phone, all of the important bidding and the increase in price occurs in the last couple of hours, and what's really cool is if two people are super-interested the bidding escalates in the last 30 seconds. The best Berry's to buy on Ebay are from moderately high transaction sellers with high feedback, or people that have good feedback that usually don't sell mobile phones. For example, if someone has between 100 and 200 feedback and is 98% or higher, then look seriously at the auction. If he has more than one of a specific item, then buy. He wants to impress, a negative feedback would be a back-breaker for his young business, so he's generally willing to go the distance to please. Avoid businesses that sell alot of BBs, ones that have over ten thousand feedbacks, because they simply don't have the time to test what they are selling and many of the units are duds.

    With Blackberry's, someone selling on Ebay that does not usually sell phones is probably a good source, and my favorite source. Usually they are selling it because they don't know anything about the BB OS and are unwilling to learn, but the device itself is probably in good shape.

    If you buy on Ebay, however, you need to study how to remove an IT policy and know how to remove a password that you don't know. Probably a good idea to be up-to-date on installing a new OS, too. Easy processes, that are all detailed here at Pinstack. Also, you need to be clear on if the device you're buying will work on your network!

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    Great advice Mark. Thanks~via BB (

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    I would mainly search for a high score seller (mostly power seller wif 100-97 feedback) and for "buy it now" i noticed that most of power seller have the option of buy it now. also if there is a phone that has only bidding, it can get expensive and than you noticed a phone on buy it now for like u dont need to fght

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