I've been looking forward to this, and finally it is upon us: we can now use our BB as a modem on machines running Linux. One of the last reasons to be using Windows has been eradicated

As soon as I try it I will post my impressions.



Using Your BlackBerry As a Modem On Linux

Posted by timothy on Tuesday January 06, @08:01AM
from the repurposing-for-the-win dept.

ruphus13 writes "Now, the suits and the geeks can unite — Barry allows BlackBerrys to serve as modems for Linux machines. From the news post, 'Barry, created by open source software vendor Net Direct, lets you not only sync your contacts and calendar but also use your smartphone as a computer modem. Sure, it's not as fast as T1 or cable, but you can't beat it if you're stuck somewhere with no Internet access. Currently, there are packages available for Ubuntu, Debian, Mandriva, and Fedora (although syncing is not supported on Fedora 9). Most older BlackBerrys work just fine with Barry, but the newest generation of devices — the Storm and Bold — are not yet fully supported.'"