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    Blackberry 7230 rim


    I need help i just got my device and I am lost! I want to download my own ringtones. I have looked through this sight but get more and more confused the more i look. Also I see alot about a software or just software that you can download something to your pc and then through usb upload it onto your phone like ringtones... please help me with this step by step instructions. I tried and my device says its to big to load. also themes how do i mess with themes

    Thank you

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    Re: Blackberry 7230 rim

    You're going to be limited on themes because of the OS on that device plus the limited on board memory. I think it's only 16 MB.

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    Re: Blackberry 7230 rim

    Erica's right -- 16mb memory, over half of which is used up with system software and aps. Also, it's a monophonic device, so even if you could download ringtones (which you can't) you wouldn't be able to play them. The Desktop Manager can communicate with the device, but only for the purpose of software upgrades and sync.

    The 7230 is primarily a data/PIM device with a phone. It is outstanding for appointments, email, phone, and other PIM applications -- one of the finest devices ever made by anybody in that regard -- but it was never intended for any kind of multimedia. You can send themes to the device, but they take up a lot of memory, and the screen resolution on the 7230 means themes are no fun anyway.

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