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    Arrow Best way to view multiple Outlook Exchange calendars on BB (without BES)???


    I desperately need expert help or will have to give up my beloved BB.

    Have taken a job where I have to be able to carry my calendar (Google OK by me) as well as the two separate Outlook (Exchange) calendars of the 2 owners of the company... fine if they all display together but I need to be able to tell each person's entries apart from one another. Can this be done??

    The company doesn't have a BB server so I'm making do with BIS for my e-mail, which is working fine for me. I don't need access to the bosses' e-mail on my device - just their calendars. OTA updates would be preferred, but could make do with USB if I had to.

    I even resorted to going out and buying a Palm Pre a few days ago since that was their big selling point (the ability to sync multiple Exchange accounts), and I'm ready to return it since it's been nothing but a huge PITA. I know I can do what I need to do calendar-wise with a WinMo device and third-party software, but would love to find a BB solution if there's one to be had.

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