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Yeah I would, have to choose craigslist also. I've sold my old BBs on there also. The buyers are always more willing to purchase it if you meet in a public place.

I've never been a fan of eBay, too many things can go wrong in my opinion. To this day I have never bought anything off of it. Just my opinion though
I agree 100% , there are too many variables with ebay and the overall integrity of the sellers seems to have degraded in the last few years. Paypal does not offer the protection they used to , even though they claim to. There are alot more reports of fraud than in the past.

I sell my tech stuff on craigslist. I arrange to meet them at a Starbucks, a good safe public place, then we go to their bank where I can verify the cash is good. There are too many scams going on right now with cashiers checks. Every buyer I have worked with on Craigslist has been very cooperative and in agreement with the process I suggest. It's win/win as they get to inspect it in person, and I get good cash the same day. I've even offered to drive to their location as much as 50 miles away if I'm selling a laptop or other expensive item and it's well worth it.