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    Question Best "Dial By Name" 3RD Party Service ????


    Hey guys , new user here ..

    Was just looking @ and wondering what you guys think is the best Dial By Name service provider ????

    I've been looking at WorkEasy and they seem to have some different features...

    800 Number , True Disconnect , ETC ETC...

    Right now I would like something with Allot of features including fax capabilities and other goodies.

    What I don't want Is to get in bed with someone that does other services as well .

    I need someone/company dedicated to the DBN thing.

    I have some experience with UReach , but haven't used them in A while.
    Hope they have something like this now or in the future.

    Wouldn't mind getting back into bed with Callwave as well...

    Right now I have access to the7290/HS700/ And I think what looks like the H550? .

    The BT HeadSets are all motorola , But I plan to get something really tricked out first chance I get.

    Someone came into my place of work with A BT HeadSet which looked like A pen , and Had what looked like A red cross on it , oh well , im sure ill find it.

    The Jabra vibrate stuff don't look to bad as well...

    I work for an environmental company in the NorthEast and am allways on the go.

    I only have access to TMo prepaid (GSM-PrePaid) at the moment.

    I've got A AudioVox CDM-8500 , A T-6?? (MonoChrome)(Blue BG on Black) , an old StarTac , which are all dormant.

    The CDM8500 i plan to get working again I hope.

    My brother -who is fast with the gas , (and gives me A headache) has A Verizon UM Razr with the H550, Which I think IMHO is A POS... , but hey to each his own... And A Nokia 6103 (TM0) which isn't to to bad..

    My dads got the UM Razr as well.

    I need A good good darn service that's gonna grow with me and something I can disconnect later without feeling to guilty.

    All input is welcome.

    Thanks people , And happy hollidays.

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    I haven't used this service... sorry

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