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Just went to upgrade my BES server to SP5 and was asked for an unlock ... General Blackberry forum

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    BES Server Woes


    Just went to upgrade my BES server to SP5 and was asked for an unlock code. Checked with Vodafone and get told that as we are running the professional version of BES we are not entitled to SP5. You have to purchase full Enterprise version of BES before you can activate upgrade. This is a real shame as users wanted trhe features of service pack.
    This also came as quite a shock. I was not even aware of the two versions of BES software. I can just imagine the reaction when I tell manager that we need to spend more money on Blackberry. After the cost of BES server plus handhelds plus cals it is starting to get very expensive. There was quite a fight to get Blackberries into organisation as opposed to mobiles that used Microsoft Mobile Software which would now have been way cheaper. Is this something that BB users have accepted and paid up?

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    Well if you are using BlackBerry Professional software there was no initial cost for the software you would have only paid for licenses. If you want to upgrade you would need to run full BES not Professional software. There is a charge for Full bes.

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