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    So, I have had 3 BB from ATT over the last 3 years, love each and every one of them. Have fallen in love with the BB systems and style. Due to a change at work I have needed Microsoft Exchange access from my phone. Well to make a long story short, I changed to the iphone. While a great comsumer idea, the business application is not as good. Not real happy that I got sucked in to BB due to their relationship with Cingular and At&T then after I understand it and like it I find out that they want alot of $$$$ to be able to interface time exchange when Apple and others change nothing. Any ideas???

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    There are a few apps available that will connect to Exchange without the BES dataplan. But your Exchange host must offer this feature. My Exchange host is offering such services within the next 30-60 days - I have called their Support regarding this as well, because the high price of BES service is simply ridiculous, and for business functionality I just did not like the iPhone as much as my BB. :0) Their site is listed below, since I'm a huge fan of their service and support - they've never let me down. Sounds like it might be something worth looking into for you.
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