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Sorry but I'm very new to BES never had one myself. I have tried search ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question BES Express


    Sorry but I'm very new to BES never had one myself.
    I have tried search but I guess I'm not up on the terminology yet
    I’ve been tasked to setup the express in a small environment 1 user have completed the process to the part where it asks for the CAL?
    How do I get one, it does say off of the CD but my client downloaded the software.
    He is currently using the only BB device and I will meet with him to connect it to the server, change from redirector.
    I know my first problem is not having access to the device until I finished the install.
    Anyway I figured he missed something. So I thought I would download it again
    Accepts his pin then sends me to the page for registration.
    I stopped there because I do not want to screw up his device operation.
    I suspect that it will give a cal on a following page and he missed it.
    My question
    Anyone know if this would screw-up his device by my registration using his pin the only one we have?
    Or anyone knows how to get an email contact so I can ask or even get a CAL.
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    Re: BES Express

    I have not downloaded or installed Express but, I use BES and from what I have read you can download it and install it. When you download & install it, it is suppose to include the 1 CAL for the device that you need. All you have to do is install it, I would recommend following the Quick Start Guide, that should get you up and running.

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