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Has anybody had a similar problem? The other week, I was in Las Vegas and ... General Blackberry forum

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    Bent battery contacts


    Has anybody had a similar problem?
    The other week, I was in Las Vegas and my BB7520 fell out of my holster and slammed hard on the ground. The battery cover came off and the battery fell out.
    When I popped the battery back in again, it would not start up. Upon closer investigation, I discovered that the battery contacts were badly mangled. Pulling a McGuyver with my Swiss Army knife, I managed to partially allign the pins so that they approximated what they were before, but they seem quite brittle and probably won't be able to take much manipulating before breaking....
    Has anybody had exposure to these contacts? How are they situated inside the BB? Can I replace them?
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    Re: Bent battery contacts

    they are easily replaced. Once you remove the case it slides out. Very good design on BB's most of everything disassembles

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    Re: Bent battery contacts

    I bent a few of them from repeated drops of my BB 7100t but they were not that damaged. U should submit that post to the Dropped BlackBerry thread LOL

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