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Hi I thought I would let everyone know this, I just found out myself yesterday. ... General Blackberry forum

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    Hi I thought I would let everyone know this, I just found out myself yesterday.
    My friend just bought a new pearl with Rogers and for her to play voicenotes on bbm she has to save them first and then play them...that sucks!!! I'm with telus and if I get a voicenote sent to me by bbm I have three and cancel.
    When I click on play....IT PLAYS, I don't have to save it first.I talk to Rogers about this and they told me all there bb does this.They said that the reason is that Rogers is GMS and telus is cmda, I real don't think thats the reason.
    I'm glad I'm not with Rogers because you have to save it then go back to your voicenotes to delete it. Yes she has the three options too, But you can't play it right away. Thats a pain in the rear.
    What do you all stackers think about this????
    Wouldn't it be nice if when ever we messed up our live we could simply press ' Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over??

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    just ask
    I'm on att and mind does not do that. I can play them on the fly not necessary to save them. GSM is not the case because att is GSM as well.

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    I'm able to play them without having to save them though it gives me the option to save, until I actually save them.

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