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    BB vs. Any other smartphone


    If you had to sell someone or a group of people on why the BB is better than any other smartphone esp. windows mobile would you do it and what would you say?

    2 things that could be a hinderance to the BB.......1. BES costs, 2. OTA synch (outlook contacts, calendar, etc.)

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    I could be wrong, but to the best of my knowledge OTA sync is do-able. Now, of course, I personally would say BlackBerry over Windows Mobile, however, that doesn't mean that WM is a bad OS. It's actually a pretty good OS, but I personally prefer BB's more.
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    I can tell you this

    I have 34 BB's on my BES and 63 WM devices attached to a sever I built with SafeBoot ( see below for what safeboot is ) and I get hammered by my WM users stating that their phone isn't getting the emails...etc etc etc

    while I might get 1 call every 2 weeks on a BB...most of the time it's not getting emails which turns out to be that the BB just isn't talking to the BES.....I have the user power off and on and it works

    whereas with WM I have to sit there and play with the settings...sometimes even deleted the connection and/or wiping the entire phone in order to get it to work again...

    yes BES cost more....but in the long run you will save $$$ in the troubleshooting of the devices......

    SafeBoot is software that allows me to control the device much like BES does. Sure Exchange 2007 comes with "SOME" security force password and Wipe device......but the phone isn't encrypted......

    Since I work for the GOV we needed a software to allow us to control the WM devices and place policy's on the WM devices much like we do with BES.....except with BES you get all of that inculded....with WM you need to buy addons in order to control the WM devices.

    Also, with WM you need to setup Activesync and OWA on your Exchange server, which pretty much places an open door on the WWW to your Exchange you need to look into security and managing of the OWA to prevent we had to purchase a Intrusion Detection software...

    I could go on and on....but you see my the time your done securing a WM plattform you would have spent the same amount of $$$ on a BES and had it up and running....secured and sending emails in 6 hours.
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    just ask

    1. they are integratable with lotus notes or outlook
    2. multiple models under 1 brand for reliability
    3. endless support.
    4. On the fly email access
    5. BES licenses are interchangeable between new and expired users.
    6. Proven and unmatched security
    7. World renowned (holding large marketshare) for smart phones(availability for upgrades in hardware and software is endless)

    1. 3G phones currently not avail. in American market
    2. can only view MS office docs
    3. Browser speeds to be desired
    4. multiple other brands available with windows O/S
    5. O/S not as familiar with most users as Windows based smart phones

    The way I would sell it would vary between personal and business use. First and foremost you would have to know what your listener needs are and how it would benefit them efficiently, financially, and seamlessly.

    We live in a world of convenience and not being able to focus on how it will save time and money holds no benefit to any user across the board.

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    Let me add: BlackBerry as tethered modem works in Europe too... even in small islands of the Aegean

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    ask me
    It depends on the needs of the customer.
    BlackBerry is more reliable and easier to use out of the box. ~via BB (

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    I've owned more phones than I care to admit with a variety of OSs. The BBs by far provide the greatest reliability, ease of use, and battery optimization. Are they perfect? No - but your mail is delivered reliably and securely without user intervention. As a Mac user on BES - I have no problems keeping everything in sync with Entourage and use bluetooth tethering daily. No bluetooth stack failures (hello Windows Mobile) and modest battery usage.
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    For me, the first priority is that he phone works. I've owned several smartphones and the BB phone just plain WORKS. Also, its much simpler to navigate and it virtually never locks up. Its the best handheld device I've used.

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