I was having a discussion with one of our IT guys the other day on the topic of the BB redirector. Our company has a pretty conservative approach as to whom gets BB's and ties into into our BES.

I had asked the IT guy why we couldn't use BB redirector and he told me that if you have a BIS account and use the redirector that the emails sent from your terminal (local access) were broadcast on the internet thru the BIS and then to the device without any encryption or protection. While I understand the logic behind that and ultimately the concern from the corporate level I wonder to the actual truth of the matter.

Did a couple of Google searches and perused the BB website and couldn't find any answers or whitepapers on the topic.

My question(s) are; if you have a BIS account and use redirector does it broadcast thru the internet, if it does broadcast thru the internet is there any security/encryption added, and does the BIS store any emails on it's server or is it basically just a "handshake" deal where it provides the "vehicle" if you will to broadcast the message from the email server to the carriers device?