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(I have 2 bb's) I use the bb kickstart flip for phone calls. I barely ... General Blackberry forum

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    bb kickstart. strange "simtool kit" error calls


    (I have 2 bb's) I use the bb kickstart flip for phone calls. I barely use the phone, maybe 8 times a week. 5 out of the 8 times I get a "call failed due to sim tool control kit" " sim call barred"

    I get it a lot when trying to check my voicemail. It also drops my signal and shows SOS and 4mins later its back to edge.

    Note: I got the phone from a woman that works at tmobile, she got it for free at one of the blackberry shows when they show off new phones. Also I notice I can make other phone calls but when dail my own phone number to get to voice mail I get that sim tool message....

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    You may want to get a new SIM card from a TMO store. If that doesn't work, you may want to reload the Operating System on the device.

    (SIM swap would be the easier fix most likely)
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