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    BB Internet Sync



    I am having a problem with one of my users, he is currently using the internet version Blackberry and everytime he syncs with his Outlook at home it only brings across 700/1250 contacts before stopping the sync. I have tried resending the service books, changed Blackberry devices (Have the same thing happening with the second Blackberry device) and removed and then downloaded the Blackberry desktop manager again. All this with no luck. Does anyone know if DBClean will work or help in any way.


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    Re: BB Internet Sync

    I would have him check for contacts with blank fields for all three name fields (first name, last name, company) or special characters in any of those fields. These will both cause wired sync problems and may do the same for wireless.

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    Re: BB Internet Sync

    It's definitely not a service book issue as they have nothing to do with USB sync. As Rcbjr has suggested, check the contacts. Deleting and re-creating the Outlook profile might help. I doubt it will in this case but it takes a couple of seconds and won't hurt unless your user's Outlook profile is quite complex (i.e. a lot of email accounts or a lot of PST's, etc).

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