Back in the day I used a 40gb HD MP3 player in the trunk of my car for tunes while driving. Darn thing was getting on 8 years old, the audio quality was so-so and the hard drive was beginning to show signs of failure.

Now that I have a Bluetooth capable phone with 2gb, 4gb, etc of MicroSD mass storage I've dumped that old MP3 player unit and starting using my Curve for car audio. All you need is a Bluetooth capable car stereo (becoming more commonplace) or a Bluetooth receiver to feed the audio signal to your existing car stereo.

The quality of the Bluetooth audio signal sounds quite good. Occasionally I hear a glitch like the Bluetooth signal had to resynchronize but I'm quite happy with the results. Might be worth a try for anyone not already using this feature.

I'm using this gadget from Scosche. 12v powered so it plugs right into most any car. Curious to hear from others using their BB this way, what they think of the audio quality, any issues, etc.