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    Battery Life thread, where did you go?


    So I've had my Pearl for about 10 months and my battery life has always been consistent with my usage and applications running and what not. Well I fell asleep listening to X-PLayer last night and my BB was plugged in to the wallcharger. When I woke up this morning I unplugged it and my battery was fully charged. I hopped on my browser for 10 minutes trying to find a game on a website I'm not allowed to mention in the Stacks, and when I was done browsing (no downloads, nothing), I hopped on my home PC to download it to my hard drive. After the desktop manager transfer I took a look at my charge level and it dropped in 15 minutes. I thought that was weird and double checked to make sure I wasn't runnning any other apps and I wasn't.

    So I'm thinking I either overcharged the battery or its just time for a new one, but it donned on me, the wallcharger my Pearl came with prevents it from charging if the battery capacity is already full... so do I need a new battery or do you think it had something to do with XPlayer running all night while charging? Thanks guys.
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    Re: Battery Life thread, where did you go?

    Xplayer running shouldn't have affected it. Especialy if it was on the charger. I had that problem once. The battery was dead after 4 hours of no usage. It might just be a one time thing like maine because its never happened again. also its not bad to overcharge a lithium battery but about once a month drain it. Other than that I'd wait and see if it keeps doing it if it does then buy a new battery. It could also be a program running in the backround. Do you have any new addition to your application list that runs in the backround like javatalk etc? If so tuen them off when your not using them. That could help.

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