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I upgraded the OS on my 7250 to the 4.1 version. After I updated I ... General Blackberry forum

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    Backup/Restore all settings?


    I upgraded the OS on my 7250 to the 4.1 version. After I updated I noticed I lost some application settings:

    1. BEIKS Bible software, I lost the bookmarks and preferences
    2. BBWeather, I lost my profiles
    3. Mobipocket reader, I lost my books, bookmarks, etc.

    I used Desktop Manager to do a backup before the upgrade but doing the restore does not restore these settings.

    Is there a backup software for the Blackberry that I can use that will backup and restore all settings?

    I reinstall the computer's OS frequently so the Desktop Manager software has been installed recently on my computer but I didn't reinstall the above software on the computer because it was already on the 7250. If I installed that software again would Desktop Manager backup/restore those settings?

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    I have noticed in all my OS trys that some programs restore, some don't. Not sure if it is the program itself or DM.
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    This can be very annoying. I was having major collapso sessions on an 8700g which has now been sent away to a house of correction. I use Opera Mini as almost a default browser because it works significantly better than the BB ones, for some sites I use regularly. I have been reluctant to compile too many favourites because I lose them each time I have to reload. I did ask a question about backup here but got no takers.

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