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    Backing up your BB settings?


    I am new to BB - switched from Treo and I have been looking around for a way to back up my BB. Not my data - IE: Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, etc.... those are either backed up via BES [which I have or on your desktop [I happen to be a Mac guy so I would sync with my laptop via Pocketmac - which I use for non OTA applications.]

    What I am looking to back up is installed applications and all the settings that go into those applications, my themes, my profiles, my autocorrect, the little tweaks that i make to my device along the way that make it unique to me.

    When & where and how do these items get backed up?

    Is there a piece of software that does nightly backups to the micro SD card? This way you don't have to plug into your desktop all the time.

    Maybe I am paranoid coming from treo world which required nightly backups because the 650 crashed so often and was so unreliable...

    I just don't see where Pocketmac is backing up my settings and installed applications.

    i did have to wipe my device once already... if I do in the future I don't want to lose everything.

    Thanks all!

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