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    I have a Storm (well, 3 to be exact) i got frustrated and went to the iPhone. Don't get me wrong, the 3GS is a wonderful device but it just didn't suit my needs. email, MMS, and junk. I am officially back to BB. I love it and I am sorry that I ever left.

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    I had an iphone and loved it. It's all about personal preference. Glad you went back to what suits you best. That's the important thing. I'm very tempted to try the 3gs. I'm on a Samsung blackjack2 because I lost my iphone and I really miss it. I do have to admit that the blackjack2 is doing what I need for the time being. I use my hotmail email address so of course I have push email. Another necessity was instant messaging. The blackjack2 came with that also but not as nice as the blackberry messengers. The bottom line is you can never go wrong with a blackberry.
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    I traded my 8900 for an Iphone at one point. Went all the way back to the guy's house & got it back 2days later. Won't ever do that again.
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