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Be gentle as I am brand new to this forum and to a Blackberry. I ... General Blackberry forum

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    Attaching a fax machine to my blackberry


    Be gentle as I am brand new to this forum and to a Blackberry.
    I have an edge.
    I have no home phone or cable internet. (have wireless internet)
    I need to send a 24 page fax, I have a fax machine. I know it is possible to hook up by fax to blackberry and use that phone line. The computer guru at work stated it was possible but not recomended (wink, wink) but to google it and you could try it? Did that no help. Please help me as my expense report is overdue. My email is So if you could also email. I am hoping I know how to get back to this forum. LOL


    Any chessplayers on this forum?

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    You can use your BB as a tethered modem for a PC or laptop [I do it all the time], and then connect the fax to the computer. It does take a fair amount of machinations though, and I doubt a fax nachine alone is capable of negotiating them.

    >Any chessplayers on this forum?


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