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It is official, RIM is releasing there version of the "AppStore" in March 2009 Original ... General Blackberry forum

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    AppStore on BlackBerries


    It is official, RIM is releasing there version of the "AppStore" in March 2009

    Original article from BlackBerry Today

    Research In Motion (RIM) made several announcements today at the BlackBerry Developer Conference. The mob-e-mail leader confirmed plans to launch a new storefront and on-device application center. It also introduced a new technology called BlackBerry Web Signals that leverages RIM's push architecture to automatically update content updates on BlackBerry smartphones. Both moves are part of the greater trend started by Apple with the iPhone and furthered by Google with the Android to make it easier for smartphone users to buy and find the software they want and need and, more importantly, load it onto their devices. RIM plans to launch the application storefront in March 2009. It'll start accepting submissions from developers December. Developers can set their own prices for applications, of which they retain 80 percent of the revenue generated.

    dditional highlights of the application storefront:

    RIM is working with PayPal to provide a way to pay for applications within the new application storefront, right from a BlackBerry.

    Organizations that have deployed BlackBerry Enterprise or BlackBerry Professional Software will retain control of what applications can be downloaded

    RIM is working with its mobile operators to provide carrier-customized, on-device application centers.

    RIM is already working with carrier partners on plans to roll out the center on future BlackBerry smartphones.
    See here for more information on the BlackBerry application storefront. Interested developers can sign up to receive periodic updates. Through BlackBerry Web Signals developers can leverage RIM's push architecture to automatically notify BlackBerry users when relevant content has been published and to allow one-click access to the . So, for instance, content providers can use Web Signals to offer a range of services that enable users to stay connected with news, weather, sports, entertainment, financial information and more. According to RIM, Several members of the BlackBerry are already set to launch services powered by BlackBerry Web Signals technology, including CBC,, Thumbplay and For example, the icon on a BlackBerry smartphone's home screen will change to reflect a breaking political story, sports piece or other topics of coverage that users sign up to receive.
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