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Dear Team, 2 question: Is there anyway that we can increase our application memories? Is ... General Blackberry forum

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    Dear Team,

    2 question:

    Is there anyway that we can increase our application memories?

    Is there a way to know which program is using a lot of application memories at that moment? It seems like those RSS Feeds programs, when the feeds come in, it takes quite some application memories. So, is there a way to know which programs are consuming the application memories, so i can close them.

    Thank you.

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    Are you asking if there's a way to increase the available memory on the device? In short, yes and no. You cannot increase the memory the device came with, however, remembering to close applications rather then hitting the 'End' key and setting applications that you don't regularly use to update themselves less frequently or not unless you tell them to will increase your available memory. And yes, RSS feed apps do use quite a bit of memory because they are always updating themsleves at whatever the pre-set interval is.

    Hold the menu key for about 2 seconds and you'll receive a list of currently open/recently opened applications. This will show you what's currently running.
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    In a nutshell, no and no.

    There are apps that let you swap stuff onto SD memory but they still have to be swapped back to main memory to run.

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