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Jobs knows how to hype a product and indeed iphone was a success due to ... General Blackberry forum

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    Re: Apple to RIM: PWND!


    Jobs knows how to hype a product and indeed iphone was a success due to apples solid base fan.
    ipod has dominated the market for some time and since iphone has ipod capabilities it borrows alot of the music fans from its own product line. Actually im not sure why anyone with an iphone would shell out extra 300$ to carry around a second device. Although Apple tries hard to litmit features with both products so they dont canabalize their sales , no reason why iphone cant have a SD card slot for extra 4-6gigs of memory or ipod touch lack of simple email client app imported from iphone. it will be interesting to see how both products play out in future

    As far as RIM: it isnt hurting from iphone

    Research in Motion's profits from its BlackBerry smartphones have doubled in the first financial quarter of competition with the iPhone, the company revealed late yesterday. Although Apple said it had sold more than one million iPhones weeks before the end of the September quarter, the California firm's Canadian rival said it had shipped about 3 million BlackBerry units worldwide and established nearly 1.5 million new BlackBerry "push" e-mail accounts. This translated to earnings of $287.7 million during the same period, more than twice the $140.2 million from the same period a year ago.

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    Re: Apple to RIM: PWND!

    Quote Originally Posted by reddog187
    I don't understand how this is relevant to anything.

    The devices are 2 different things. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Yes they are phones but the similarities end there.

    RIM will always have a foothold in the corporate world and apple will always have a foothold in the media world. That's all I will say.
    I agree and not to mention, if they are comparing BB's to iphone's then apple considers RIM to be competition for them even if they are different devices, GO RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM! apple are haters, hehe.

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