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http://www.berryreview.com/2009/10/3...a-memory-leak/ . This may help, may not. Not sure why your having such an issue right now.
This is a great lead, BHP77 - thanks a million. Good reading but couldn't get this one to come up: eHow:How to fix or prevent Blackberry memory leak
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Mine was acting up too, that's one of the things that pushed me towards something new.

BTW, droid does.........tell you what's eating your battery and has apps that tell you what's using your memory and lets you kill it if you want.......just saying
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You're a peach, kiddo.

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JB I was running the .160 for a while and I had the same issues so I down graded to the .138 and I get less hour glassing. The .138 seems to be a lot more stable an os than the .160
That's a good idea - maybe I'll try .138 and see if it gets better. Thanks!