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Very strange issue... Thank you for any help at all! Since this is the most ... General Blackberry forum

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    Any help for my non-bb question?


    Very strange issue...

    Thank you for any help at all!

    Since this is the most helpful forum in the world, I have a question for the tech gurus. I am the Director of Communications for a Legal Administrator group (ALA). I have to manage our association's calendar. Well, there's recently been an outcry for the ability to download a vcs (Outlook calendar item)(or ics) file from the calendar. I've figured out how to create them one by one using Outlook and then "Save As", then from there uploading them to a file host and linking to that host file and VOILA!

    However since the new year is coming I was wondering if there was a program somewhere that would allow you to key in all the data into a spreadsheet or something like that and then export to the vcs file in the proper format. So then I could just mass upload all the events and link to them one by one. It would save me a lot of steps.

    It's been impossible so far for me to find such software, but I know it must exist. At least there are websites that do it (example when you create an eVite your invitees get the option to download the invitation into their Outlook).

    Thanks for any help you might have.
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