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Yes I am new to PinStack but I have searched and read almost everything on ... General Blackberry forum

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    Another Gmail question


    Yes I am new to PinStack but I have searched and read almost everything on this forum regarding Gmail.

    My question is... Well I don't know about you guys but I am with Rogers here in Canada and they charge quite a bit for band usage... won't it cost me a fortune every month if my BB is checking and downloading all my gmail emails every few minutes? ... unless I am missing somethihng here.

    FYI: My data package is 25mb/month and this has to include my work emails as well.

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    Re: Another Gmail question

    if i am not wrong, this was already answered....

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    Re: Another Gmail question

    Also see:

    Your other post for the replies that may answer your question.

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    Re: Another Gmail question

    could you be a bit more helpful? :P
    as for the "checking and downloading" it does not check, the BB only waits and it pushed your new mail... but yes it can rack up very quickly if you get ALOT of emails. I do not get Alot but I use the BB Messenger quite a bit and used about 19mb last billing cycle if that helps you any.
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