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    And Your Opinion Is...?


    As much as I hate to admit it, I've lost a bit of confidence in RIM.

    In the case of the Bold, we have delays, bugs, network issues, software issues and much speculation. None of which is good for RIM's reputation or the image of our much loved BlackBerry. If you're up for it, please read my blog entry today and then comment here. I would enjoy hearing from my fellow Stackers. Your take on this, is of great interest to me.

    Todays Issue of Archers Blog...

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    I know there was an article someone put out not so long ago about RIM and ATT bunting heads in regards to their 3G network and some R&D. I have to admit that I'm a bit frustrated having heard several rumors of the Bold coming out to only be shot down when calling ATT's premiere ordering line telling me the phone has not yet come out. I spoke with my national reps with Verizon and I should be getting a demo Storm very shortly. From what I have been told the phone will be a true global solution also covering UMTS Networks. I'm a bit skeptical about the phone as well because I haven't been too impressed with a lot of the touch phones such as the i-phone and the Instinct but I will give it a try and if need be I may end up jumping ship and go back to Verizon.

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    The reference and concern is primarily related to the Bold. Due to the inefficient "ping-ponging" function of the iPhone, 3g was sucked dry - affecting anything else put on that bandwidth. Popularity, and resulting load, slammed the engineers.
    Part of the adjustment had to come from os - hence upgrade required after initial shipment. This affected all carriers globally. Orange is in a quandry right now. At&t thinks it's workable at the moment, and has resourses reassigned to cover anticpated problems when Bold goes on line.
    So you've had RIM and carriers failing to anticipate the horrendous havoc Mr. Jobs and his gizzmo were going to create

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