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So I've been paying 100/mo for my plan, 500 minutes, unlimited text/pics/vids/data. I figured I ... General Blackberry forum

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    Alltel forced smartphone plan


    So I've been paying 100/mo for my plan, 500 minutes, unlimited text/pics/vids/data. I figured I should be able to do somewhat better and wanted to see what I could drop or lower, because as long as i've been an Alltel customer I've never had a problem changing plan features. The biatch at the store informes me that I've got the lowest plan I can have and still keep my unlimted txt, which is the smartphone plan for 89.99. I dont know what the deal is, but she said I am locked into a contract for another 16 months that requires I keep a smartphone plan. First of all, I never even signed anything when I got my 8130, just went in, got my phone and had them bill me for the phone. So does anyone have any ideas how I can get out of this? I really wanna just drop down my plan to phone and text, and get a HTC touch pro. God I hate alltel.

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    If it matters, Verizon now ownes Alltel and it might get better. You need to find out about that you can switch to since they are now one company.

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    When you get a Smartphone from Alltel you have to get a smartchoice package or whatever they call it. 89.99 is the lowest you can get and have all the other stuff unlimited. I pay 109.00 for 1200 minutes and everything else unlimited. She was right in what she told you. Unless you want to lose your unlimited Blackberry or HTC you will have to keep the 89.99 plan at the least.

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