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    about the blackberry serivce


    On the cingular site i was acting like i was going to buy the blackberry 8800 just for fun, and when i got down to where i had to choose the serivces i wanted, i had the option of Blackberry Unlimited, now dose this include like unlimited text etc. everything!? and if it dose, then would it be nessacary to get texting from cingular? or just the blackberry service? thanks! its not a big deal im just wondering for the future lol

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    Re: about the blackberry serivce

    If it isn't explicitly stated then don't assume it's included. SMS isn't considered data (any GSM device is SMS capable -- data plan or not). There are some BB data plans that include an SMS bundle but you need to be sure that you're selecting them if you want them.

    You can add SMS packages in addition to a data plan.

    Now, if you're referring to IM then really all you need is a BB data plan and an IM app that doesn't use SMS for message delivery.

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    Re: about the blackberry serivce

    Cingular is my provider. BlackBerry service (any kind) does not include SMS, MMS, or Teathering (using your BlackBerry as a Modem with your computer). Each of these are unit charged - and it is expensive if you don't get it included in a plan. It looks like SMS messages $0.15 each, and Teathering is $0.01/Kb. It adds up quickly! I don't know what they have for SMS packages, but their only Teathering plan is something like $80 - unlimited.

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