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Originally Posted by miltw3 I'm a 8800 owner and I am very happy with the ... General Blackberry forum

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    Re: 8800 vs Curve


    Quote Originally Posted by miltw3 View Post
    I'm a 8800 owner and I am very happy with the device. It took a little time to get used to the keyboard coming off a 7290, but it is good now. To me the lack of camera is offset by the built in GPS capability. When you hook up to Google maps, you've got a great tool - Directions, traffic, phone directory etc. I think the battery life is a little longer for 8800. I also like the more business like sleek look of the 8800. I think it is the best looking BB made.

    On the other hand, I wish the 8800 had the WIFI capability of the 8320.

    In my opinion. You can't go wrong with either device. Take care.
    Thanks for your suggestion, miltw!

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    I picked the 8800 over the 8310

    Just for added opinion, I've had an 8800 for 10 months and upgraded to the 8310. I just returned the 8310 and I'll tell you why. All personal preference of course.

    What I liked about the curve was the smaller form factor, rubber edges, spread out keys (though I do fine on the 8800), and new software for BBMaps and Media. The software, it appears, will be updated on the 8800 with the new OS release so I can wait. The lighter weight is also a plus and the phone fits better in my hand.

    What I did not like about the curve: The camera is nothing special. Photos, even outside, are a bit washed out for my tastes, and inside they are not good at all. I probably need to get use to the right settings, and I have not used a phone camera until now, but the quality of the images did not impress me. The true kicker, believe it or not was the Mute button. I use this frequently, especially when the phone is in it's holster. Pressing the Mute button (as others have attested to) is difficult. Button is small and recessed and unless you use your finger nail, you have to press down hard on the phone to make it work. Not like the pearl and 8800 which are simple to operate. I also miss the ability to toggle the backlight from auto to full to off, which the 8800 allows and the Curve doesn't. Also, though they may be the same (I don't know), the internal GPS seems to work better on the 8800. I get more satellites, and faster. This is based on a quick comparison, but the 8800 might have a larger antenna? It also holds satellites linger than the curve.

    So I am back to the 8800 waiting for OS update and next generation machines. The curve is great, but I was not willing to downgrade on some useful features of the 8800 just for the smaller size. Just one user's opinion of course.

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