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i have a 8700g bb and i would like to get it unlock but i ... General Blackberry forum

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    8700g Help


    i have a 8700g bb and i would like to get it unlock but i live in Barbados is there any site that i can get it unlocked at or any one know what i would have to do to get it unlocked. Also i would like to upload pic to my BB via the usb cable but it tells me i need os4.2 were would i download it from or is there something else i can use to get pic on my BB
    thank you very much

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    Re: 8700g Help

    ~via BB ( As far as downloadings pics via usb cable, you really can't do. You gotta have that data plan cause you missing out. Don't know much about unlocking but sure somone will respond asap!

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    Re: 8700g Help

    Hello Enrico and Welcome to the Stacks. I have read a few threads where stackers have indicated that Cingular has unlocked their Blackberrys. Here is one: If you've been a customer for a while, it never hurts to ask. I'd tell them that you're going to Europe for a few weeks and need it unlocked.

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