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I have searched this forum and cannot find many posts relating to my problem, and ... General Blackberry forum

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    8310 emails repeating


    I have searched this forum and cannot find many posts relating to my problem, and definitely no solutions.
    I have an 8310 with AT&T through my company. I had an 8700C previously.
    My problem is that I get emails from certain domains, customers, that come through sometimes five times in two minutes. Not all of my emails get repeated, just from about 4 customers. And that is not individuals, it is anything from that company.

    I have rules set up in my Outlook for all of those customers. Whenever I send or receive an email from someone at one of those companies it copies the email to their particular folder.

    Is this the problem?
    My IT department will not even respond to my assist ticket so I am at a loss. I have not called AT&T because I do not want to suffer through that and still not get an answer.
    MY company uses a BES so I suspect it has something to do with that.
    I have a marketing degree but sometimes believe I am better informed than my IT department. They just don't seem to give a flip.

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    if i had to guess (and i am no BES expert) I would say your rules are your problem. That may be why it shows up multiple times on the BB
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    Outlook rules are kinda odd, especially depending on what version of the Microsoft Mail Server you're running and what version of outlook you're running.

    I'm no expert with BES type stuff, but here's my guess.

    If your rules are filtering messages from an online (server side) mailbox to another server side mailbox, your BES could be seeing any new server messages and therefore, pick it up once in your inbox and once in the other folder.

    I always recommend people create folders which are on their PC (and not on the server) when they setup filters. This way, you'd be filtering it off your server into a local folder. I suspect this might fix it.

    Then again, with no BES to play with, I'm just guessing!

    Good luck!
    As always, just my opinion...
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