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I really need help to upgrade my 7230 bb software in my handheld. I have ... General Blackberry forum

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    I really need help to upgrade my 7230 bb software in my handheld. I have 2 bb 1 7100g and a 7230. I have no problem upgrading my 7100g but I have huge problem upgrading my 7230. I have install the lastest desktop software from bb website. I read the forum and followed every instructions but I just can't get my software in my 7230 to be upgraded. Please help. Thanks

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    Re: 7230 Help

    I've never had good luck with having more than one version of the handheld software (not to be confused with desktop manager) on the PC at one time. I usually uninstall the other copies from Add/Remove programs, then install just the specific one I need, upgrade the handheld, then remove the software from the PC. YMMV.

    Back when we were supporting Nextel 7510s and 7520s, it seemed like I could never have both handheld O/Ss loaded on the PC at once. I'd always see the symptom you would (either I could upgrade 7510 and the 7520 wouldn't work or vice versa). So I'd get around that by not installing two copies a the same time. Sort of a pain, but they do install/uninstall quickly from Add/Remove programs.
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