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Correction to my subject line. It is a JVM error 523 NOT 532 Yesterday I ... General Blackberry forum

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    7130e With JVM error 532


    Correction to my subject line. It is a JVM error 523 NOT 532

    Yesterday I started getting this error on my phone. It started when I powered down my phone... it just froze up and would not power down, I pulled the battery and re-installed then got the 523 error.

    Tell me if this seems like a coincidence or if it could be my problem.

    My wife purchased two of these devices
    She plugged hers into her RAZR and said it did not work. After that her battery would not hold a charge for a whole day, we purchased a new battery and it have not used this device on her phone. Like a dummy I tried mine on my 7130e when my battery was real low. It seemed to drain my battery the rest of the way after 45 min. of use. I said to heck with the stupid thing and charged it like normal. Every thing seemed fine till the 523 error which was about 4 days span. BUT the error came when my battery was very low. The error comes up right after the phone boots up so you cannot navigate at all. I did however get it to power down normaly right after it booted up. I then charged the battery while it was powered down and it fired up and worked for most of the day. I shut it down last night as I normally do and this problem is back but now I cannot do anything, it gives me the error as soon as it boots up. I HAVE NOT RECENTLY INSTALLED THEMES OR 3rd PARTY APPS.

    Could this be the battery after using that POS battery charger?

    Can I re-install the OS with it erroring out all the time?
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    Re: 7130e With JVM error 532

    Based on BlackBerry's support site this is the answer:


    The BlackBerry smartphone displays the following error message:
    JVM 523


    Download and install the latest version of BlackBerry® Device Software on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Either re-install your OS or see if your carrier has an updated version.

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