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Aloha; finally last night i update to 4.5 but i need someone to tell me ... General Blackberry forum

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    finally last night i update to 4.5 but i need someone to tell me what should i need to be looking for on my bb new besides the video camera n new theme.
    1. i read in other thread that it will have hmtl email n the only diff i c is the way my mail is presented by still all the address n numbers r include the mail.
    2. the doc to go icon is included but i can do nothing with it it said no preview doc on file. "i thought i was going to be able to use microsoft word it, n if i can plz tell me HOW
    3. the calendar only diff it have is color but the same nothing new for me
    i can not or dont know how to find new things to do. I f anyone can tell me how to find new app or things to do with the new os 4.5 plz tell me right away. i really appreciated. thx.

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    Well, as far as Doc to Go, it does allow you to open, view, and edit MS documents but to create from scratch you will have to pay and upgrade the program.
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    Joeperrin212 is correct. You must save your file that you are working on in word powerpoint or excel. Save it and transfer to your memory card. From there you can open them up to work on them from docs 2 go.

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