So I have 2 personal email addresses for my Bold - one is a standard gmail account, the other is a Google Apps using my own domain email.

I just reset both to use the new gmail IMAP settings.

When going into either email inbox, I can select either address for Message Services under both Email Settings and Email Reconciliation.

But if I change this on say my regular gmail address, it changes those same settings on my google apps mailbox as well! I change the google apps Message Services, and it changes the Message Services for my regular gmail account?

Previously, before moving my domain to google apps, I was able to set the default message services appropriately for each email account, as well as the message services for email reconciliation.

So that - Email Settings-> Message Services: - Email Settings -> Message Services:

This no longer holds true. I change the message services for one email account on my blackberry, and it changes the message services for the other account as well.

It's still sending email from the correct address from either account, but it did not do this before I know.