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    1 Phone Number, 2 People...


    OK, so I'm one of "those people" who puts themselves in their address book - (actually, I have to because I sync w/ a Mac and it keeps my profile in my address book anyway)..

    Anyway - I have my home phone # set in my address book listing just cause I'm anal and I like it to be accurate - I also my home # in my wifes profile, well, cause I call her at home. When she calls me from the house it always displays my name in the caller ID instead of her name.. Its not that its pulling alphabetically cause her name comes first...

    its teh same thing if my parents call - It defaults to my dads name, even though its usually my mom calling.. (and same with my sister, shows her husbands name, even though its always her).

    is the BB Male-centric? If it had that logic wouldn't it know that men never call other men, and it should always choose the woman's name?

    Anyway, is there a way to select a 'default' for 2 people w/ the same #? (short of deleting the # for the less used person?)

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    Re: 1 Phone Number, 2 People...

    it usually goes to the one you entered in first...

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    Re: 1 Phone Number, 2 People...

    Yup. Try removing it from yours, save your info, and then add it again. I have this problem with my ICE entries when I update my OS.

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