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Good day everybody I have facing a problem whenevery I move an Email to a ... Internet (BIS) & email forum

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    Moving Email to Personal Folder


    Good day everybody
    I have facing a problem whenevery I move an Email to a personal folder, it stay in my blackberry Device even after reconcile. can anybody help please.

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    Re: Moving Email to Personal Folder

    hmm..ok, you posted in a BIS forum and your profile shows BES...which one are you using?

    if BIS, it won't reconcile...only BES will reconcile with folders.

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    Re: Moving Email to Personal Folder

    This is normal behavior - particularly in a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) environment. The BES only monitors the Exchange mailbox and its folders. When you move an email from your Exchange Inbox to a Personal Folder, it "disappears" as far as the BES is concerned, so rather than delete something you might have wanted to keep, it leaves it alone. If you delete the message, it "sees" it move to the Deleted Items folder, and knows you've deleted it, so removes it from the BlackBerry.

    This is not a problem in that it causes no harm. Email will be deleted from the device once it goes past the Keep Messages setting in Messages --> Options --> General Options. Even if you set it to Forever (I do not recommend this), the BlackBerry will erase it when it needs the room.

    The reason why I don't recommend Forever (which I used to use) is because eventually you'll use up ALMOST all the device's memory and it will slow down. It took almost a year for this to happen to me (and I get a LOT of email on my BB!), but had to back it down to 3 months. I could have gone to 6, but I download and try a LOT of apps, so decided to trim it back to 3 months.

    If you're in a BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) environment, you MIGHT be able to monitor both your Inbox and one or more folders in your Personal Folders, but I'm not familiar with this setup at all!

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