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thanx for the info! solved my problem... Internet (BIS) & email forum

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    thanx for the info! solved my problem

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    Good suggestion, that works for most problems for me!

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    still having the problem

    Still having the "missed call" icon showing as "1" after doing everything in this thread.

    I finally got so preoccupied with this problem, I followed another thread's suggestion to totally wipe the BB and load everything from scratch. That took almost 4 hours to do (including setup and syncing with my company's BES) and the icon was gone as expected.

    A few days later, it returned!!!! Ugggh.

    I am NOT going to wipe the BB again, but this is obviously a bug in the OS or something. I don't have any saved messages...all logs messages and logs are cleared, etc.

    Just wish there was a magic override key sequence to clear this as it is a constant "bogus" warning.

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    How To Delete An Orphaned Message In A Bb Device Thats On A Bes Server

    Create a FULL BACKUP of the device using Desktop Manager before performing the following
    1. On you BlackBerry device, go to Options > Advance Options > Service Book > Desktop [SYNC]
    2. Bring up the context menu (depending on model, by clicking the BlackBerry logo button) and click Delete.
    3. Plug BB into pc
    4. Open Desktop Manager
    5. Click Backup and Restore
    6. Click the Advanced Tab
    7. On the right hand side you will see Device Databases, find the Messages database. Highlight the Messages database and click the arrow pointing to the left to backup the Messages database.
    8. After the backup, highlight the Messages database under Device Databases and press clear and then press yes to continue.
    9. After it has been cleared, unplug the BB device and ensure the Messages icon is empty on the device. If there are any messages left, delete them.
    10. Plug the device back in, launch Desktop Manager again and from the Advanced Tab in Backup and Restore, restore only the Messages database from the backup. Wait for all messages to be restored back into the Messages database on the device.
    11. Now go back into the Messages icon on the BB handheld and delete the orphaned message in question. THIS SHOULD DELETE THE MESSAGE.
    12. Once done, disconnect the device from computer and go back to Service Book screen.
    13. Bring up the context menu and click Undelete.
    14. The Enterprise Activation screen will run for a couple of minutes to re-sync all the databases.
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