You do not see the WAP Browser icon on your BlackBerry device.

The WAP Browser and WAP Transport service books are missing from the BlackBerry device.

Enable the WAP Browser icon on the BlackBerry device in one of the following ways:

Register your device with the wireless network again.

Download the latest version of BlackBerry device software.
Go to your service provider’s web site and download the latest version of the BlackBerry device software. Install the software on your personal computer. Then, use BlackBerry Application Loader to upgrade the software on your BlackBerry device.

Set the IT policy to allow the icon.
Contact your BlackBerry Enterprise Server system administrator to request that the Allow External Connections IT policy be enabled.

Additional Information
The WAP Browser is an application that is pushed to the BlackBerry device. The IT policy Allow External Connections must be enabled on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for the necessary service books to be received on the BlackBerry device. The WAP Browser and WAP Transport service books must be present on the BlackBerry device to support this browser.