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HI....I HOPE YOU CAN HELP...PLEASE!!! My girlfriend has a Pearl 8100 (Cingular) and the handheld ... Desktop & Syncing forum

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    help recover data on 8100



    My girlfriend has a Pearl 8100 (Cingular) and the handheld turns on, shows the welcome screen, software security loading progress, and then shuts off. The only way to get it to do this is to take the battery in and out of the handheld. That is the least of my concern (but would like to know what is happening if anyone knows!). The repair dept. said that there is no sign of water damage, etc.

    The main issue is the information on hundreds of contacts, etc., that is on the handheld (and not on the SIM card). I guess she hasn't been saving the info on the SIM card, but directly to the handheld. Also, she hasn't been backing-up the info to her computer.

    With the handheld not turning on and staying on, how can the information be retrieved from the memory? Similar to and type of storage device, I am pretty sure the info is there, just can't access it



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    Re: help recover data on 8100

    You could try to hook it on your computer and do a synch or back up but I doubt that it will work.... sorry
    The only solution if that doesn'T work would be to wipe the hanheld which will 'cause lost of all info....

    Hope this helps
    I'm french canadian so I can also help you in french, just PM me
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