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RIM's top Desktop Manager w/ outlook issues: How To - Enable advanced logging for Intellisync ... Desktop & Syncing forum

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    Guides: Top Issues for BlackBerry Desktop Software - Microsoft Outlook


    RIM's top Desktop Manager w/ outlook issues:
    1. How To - Enable advanced logging for IntellisyncThis procedure describes how to enable advanced synchronization logging and collect the output.
    2. Support - Desktop Manager closes after selecting the MS Outlook translatorThis article provides a resolution to the problem of BlackBerry® Desktop Manager closing after the MS Outlook translator is selected.
    3. Support - Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error during synchronizationThis article provides a cause and resolution for this error, which appears when synchronizing the BlackBerry device.
    4. Support - No message services configured. You will only be able to save draftThis article provides several possible resolutions for this error which occurs in one of the following situations: when you try to compose, reply to, or forward a message from the device; or, when you select an address in the Address Book.
    5. Support - Internal Error 4198This article provides possible causes and resolutions to the following problem: when you synchronize the BlackBerry device with your Microsoft® Outlook® client, an error appears in the Intellisync® synchronization log (RIM.log).
    6. Support - Wireless Enterprise Activation stops respondingThis article provides several causes and resolutions for when Enterprise Activation stops responding.
    7. Support - Handheld Tools RIMDeviceManager has encountered a problem and needs to closeThis article provides a resolution and possible workarounds for this problem.
    8. What Is - Bluetooth Radio Modules/Adapters supported by Windows XP SP2This article links to a complete list of Bluetooth® Radio Modules/Adapters supported by Microsoft Windows® XP SP2.
    9. Support - Emails not deleted after email reconciliationThis article provides several possible causes an resolutions for this problem.

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    Re: Guides: Top Issues for BlackBerry Desktop Software - Microsoft Outlook

    What a great resource, thanks boss!

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