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I have an 8130 with an unlimited data plan from Sprint, no BES. I will ... Desktop & Syncing forum

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    bluetooth internet for laptop to phone


    I have an 8130 with an unlimited data plan from Sprint, no BES.

    I will be "on the road" next week and want to connect to the internet on my laptop (no wifi in areas).

    I've read about and have established Bluetooth connectivity for other phones to my PCs / laptops for syncing and file transfer.

    Can I use the Blackberry Internet / Data service with bluetooth (or USB even) to connect my PC to the internet? I haven't purchased dial up networking from Sprint.

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    If you are using a pc, you can use the usb cable, and I think desktop manager can do that. Also I thinks sprint has a connection manager you can download, to do this too.

    Also do a search on this in the forum, there are many guides on making this work...

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    * go to Control Panel, Printers and Other Hardware, Phone and Modem Options. Under the Modems tab, click on Standard Modem. Click Properties. Click Advanced. Make sure nothing is entered in the "extra initialization commands."

    * on the berry, go to Options, Advanced, TCP and enter "" after APN:

    find your provider listed in link

    * go to Control Panel, Network Connections, Create a new connection, then hit Next

    *Select Connect to Internet

    * Select Set up connection manually

    *Select Connect using a dial-up modem. Check the box next to the modem you created above and then click Next.

    * Enter a name as the ISP name

    * Enter *99# as the Phone Number and then click Next

    * Keep User Name and Password blank. Clear all the other check boxes.

    * To create the connection, click Finish.

    * right click on the dial-up connection under Network Connections, then click Properties. Below the PPP window click Settings and uncheck all boxes except "enable LCP Extensions."

    * make sure the blackberry is connected to Desktop Manager on the laptop.

    * Under Network Connections, right-click on the Dial-up connection for a name that we just created. Click Connect. Click Dial.

    If everything works, you should be connected to the Internet.
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