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Can someone please tell me why there are so many different versions of DM? I ... Desktop & Syncing forum

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    Can someone please tell me why there are so many different versions of DM? I want onto the website to download the latest one, and i saw an array of different versions. It's 4.7 i'm interested in, but i want to know if it is OK to download the 87?MB one, or do i HAVE TO have the biggest one, which is something like 300+MB.

    I am sure there is someone out there who can provide a satisfying answer to this question for me.
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    Any reason you want 4.7? Certainly, many people have downloaded it and are using it successfully, but there are also some reliability issues posted throughout the Stacks. Personally I'd recommend 4.6.

    As to why there are so many different versions available for download, I couldn't say for sure.

    The size you are referring to is based on whether or not you're getting the version with Media Manager. Again, personally, I'd recommend the version withOUT Media Manager. Haven't heard too many flattering reviews of the product, plus it's much easier to just drag and drop your media from the PC to the device.


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    What Roger said is very true. I have a new Bold and am using and have used 4.3 for quite a while now. I tried the newer ones and found them to be very slow. JMO.
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