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Ok, let me give ya my setup right now... Outlook 2007 + latest Thunderbird Yahoo ... Desktop & Syncing forum

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    Question Advice Needed on Gmail + Thunderbird + 8330 Contact Sync


    Ok, let me give ya my setup right now...

    Outlook 2007 + latest Thunderbird

    Yahoo Mail + Gmail email accounts.

    Right now, using Ypops! I use Outlook to send/receive that email account. It also contains all my contacts and I sync that with my 8330. Gmail is sent and received using Thunderbird but has no contacts in it. I am wanting to migrate from the Yahoo email which I've had since 1998 to the Gmail account. I also want to ditch Outlook. I have intellisync for yahoo installed on the pc so I can keep my Address Book online at yahoo up to date. I want to know if there is a way to do the follow things..

    Sync my BB with Thunderbird, without much frustration.
    Sync Thunderbird with the online address book for my Gmail account.

    And if I can do the BB wirelessly with Thunderbird (or the online account), without having a BES, that'd be great benefit.

    Thanks guys.

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    You should really look at funambol, currently I use it between my BB, three other computers with outlook, one with thunderbird, and two different cms/project management systems via plugins for each.

    I have my own funambol server running but there are other free ones avail, including the project itself.

    Oh and it will work with almost any smartphone, pda, computer, etc

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